Welcome to E. Santa Clara Street!

Only 2 blocks northeast of SJSU's campus!


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About East Santa Clara Street

E. Santa Clara Street has 30 blocks of shops, salons, restaurants, a Community Center Hub, Roosevelt Park, a renovated Library and other service agencies.

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All are invited to experience the variety E. Santa Clara Street has to offer.

In the past, E. Santa Clara St has had a Donut Festival, Trick or Treat on the Street, a Christmas Parade, and so much more.

Most recently, the E. Santa Clara Street Business Association has held the Uptown Summer Festival and hopes to have one again soon.

ESCBA is proud to work with local residents and SJSU volunteers to clean up the neighborhood on a monthly basis. Other efforts ESCBA has taken on are advocating for local business and creating a vibrant business district once more.

ESCBA is also proud to provide donations to certain organizations, including SJSU’s Chicano Commencement, a student run organization.

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East Santa Clara Street is full of fun and interesting places to shop, eat and enjoy. Please check out our Featured Members to see for yourself! And remember - we are only 2 blocks northeast of SJSU's Campus!